A SIMPLE IDEA to be the best

Perfect Harvest is an international business built on bicultural assets and driven by the quest to go beyond be, in fact, perfect.

Founder and CEO Jorge Mercado spent part of his youth in Mexico, part in California’s bay area. His father and grandfather worked in the produce business, and Jorge learned early that hard work was not enough. You needed a vision, a picture of the world where opportunities highlighted your field of view. And you needed to be smart, quick, and accommodating, three words that could describe Perfect Harvest today.


KEEPING FAITH with our vision

Everyone who works for Perfect Harvest is part of an extended family, each of whom shares deeply held beliefs that guide our actions. Like a family, we value loyalty – to each other and to our customers – above all.


INVESTING IN perfection

From seed to shelf, Perfect Harvest has built a system that supports the promise of perfection with appropriate technology in the hands of dedicated specialists. In Mexico’s green belt growing region, our greenhouses take the best nature has to offer wi- thout demanding much of her – efficient, climate controlled, computerized monitoring, around-the-clock care and personal attention to every plant – perfect growing conditions are the first step.


MEXICO means quality

Is success a measure of quality, or is quality a measure of success? With fresh produce grown in Mexico, the answer is “both.” Protected (greenhouse) agriculture has helped the fruits and vegetables of Mexico become the year-around choice, based not only on continuity of supply but also on the traditional measures of flavor, appearance, and nutrition.